Welcome To The Southern Pearl

I had been throwing around the idea of starting a blog for a long time now. A few years ago I wanted to start one but the idea got thrown to the side. Then a few months ago the idea popped back into my head. I was torn and scared…obviously! What if I started a blog and no one read it? What if I was terrible at it? What if? What if? What if? Then finally I decided no more “what ifs” I was going to start one! My husband has been very supportive and even came up with the name The Southern Pearl. How awesome is that?

How did my husband come up with The Southern Pearl? Since before I can remember I have been obsessed with pearls! I have been accused of being an old woman at heart. I believe my Granny Vern is the cause of my love for pearls. I share her love for gotti jewelry but most definitely the love of pearls. I even have younger cousins who I have gotten to love pearls as well. You will very rarely see me with any other earrings besides my pearls.

Not only do I love pearls but I love my native land in Kentucky. I live in a small rural town in Eastern Kentucky that will always be home to me. It has all the negatives aspects that comes with small town America…but it has so many positives that we as residents take for granted. These include the beautiful landscapes, everyone knows everyone (this can go either way haha), the “easy living,” and just downright southern hospitality.

My love for pearls and Kentucky equals The Southern Pearl 🙂

I am not your average 24 going on 25 year-old. Only normal or average thing about me is that I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Eastern Kentucky University (I love my alma mater!) I’ve never taken the “easy route” for anything! Why should that be any different for marriage.

Some people describe my family as “ready-made,” “blended,” or “nontraditional.” I call my family….HAPPY! My husband blessed me with four beautiful and intelligent (step) children. That may be the only time you see me refer to them as anything but my children. I don’t feel the need to add the word “step” because I love them as if they were my own. I went from no kids to four kids in a split second. Guess what? That is perfectly fine with me. When we got together the kids were 7, 6, 4, and 2. You should have heard the things people said before we got married. “That’s a whole lot of responsibility are you sure you are ready for all of that?” “Are you crazy?! That’s four kids all under the age of 10!” I don’t know how many times I had to hear “Ooohhh he has four kids? You are a better woman than I am.” Each time I got the same shocked facial expression. Sometimes I thought people’s reactions were funny. Then other times I got agitated. I have been called crazy, strong, brave, and insane. Well if loving kids that are not biologically mine makes me all those things then so be it! I am guuuiiiillltttyyy as charged. I love all my kiddos and wouldn’t trade them for the world :).

Welcome To The Southern Pearl

I may not be perfect at this blogging thing but I plan to try my best to bring you all relevant and interesting topics! If you have an idea or something you want featured on The Southern Pearl feel free to shoot me an email at kirstiepthompson@yahoo.com.


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