My Experience As A “Mother”

I am the oldest of six kids. Yep….six! My parents divorced when my sister and I were little. We were the result of “puppy love.” My parents were married at a very young age…we won’t go into how old (young) they were. After getting divorced they both got remarried (this is where the other four siblings come in). My mom blessed us with two little brothers, and my dad blessed us with another brother and a younger sister.

I have always been the typical older sister; the “little mommy,” bossy, and worried about everything. It all started when my sister and I were little (way before the other 4 came along). My sister was “backwards” or a Kentucky favorite  “quare.” She wouldn’t talk to people and when she did they couldn’t understand what she said. So in a nutshell I was her personal interpreter haha. In a way she “needed” me to be able to tell people what she wanted. We were always together and I felt important helping her communicate with others. (Aha! I’ve figured it out….my sister is the reason I am the way I am. She created this monster ;)…just kidding I can’t blame anyone for this mess.) Annyyywaayy…..that’s where my “mommying” began.

Since I have been two years old I have had a sibling I could help care for. I have loved every second of it to be honest. Getting to help mold them into who they are (I don’t take credit for the “bad parts” of them…just saying). But now with all good things there are bad. Having three younger brother to terrorize you, embarrass you in front of your crushes, break your things, or you know pass gas in your face (yep one of them done that to me…he thought it was funny I on the other hand did not).

Then came by baby sister. I was 13 when she was born. I was on cloud nine….a baby sister! Yeah I already had a sister but me and her were really close and we were stuck with all of the boys. My stepmom let me stay in the hospital and take care of her after she was born. When she came home I got to help feed, diaper, and nurture her. And low and behold now she is just like me! She is my mini-me…and it’s scary! I now know what it’s like for everyone to put up with me…I feel for you all haha!

My Experience As A "Mother"

This is the most recent picture of all six of us. We don’t get to get pictures like this very often because we live in two different states.

Not only am I the oldest of six kids but I am the fourth oldest out of 18 grandkids on my moms side and the oldest of 11 grandkids on my dads side. That’s a whole lot of kids if you ask me!

No I have not given birth to any of my children and no I do not have a ton of everyday parenting experience. However, I have gotten a lot of practice with my siblings and younger cousins. Just because I did not give birth to my children does not make me any less of a parent or mother. So when you are talking to step-moms please don’t act like they are not a real parent. Parenting is not based on DNA it is based on love. I am still learning things everyday and I welcome new learning opportunities….they make me a better mother!


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