Splashing (FREE) Fun

With a family of six, free activities are ALWAYS the best! We love to be able to get the kids out of the house. We have to make our oldest daughter have “electronic free” days. I’m sure there are other moms out there that have the same struggle.

It’s summertime and it gets soooo hot. Unfortunately we don’t have a pool at home. Any water activity we can find is great and the kids have a blast. For all those near the Beattyville, Kentucky area do I have a treat for you. There is a FREE splash park at Happy Top! Everyone loves the word free….if you say you don’t you may be fibbing.

You can like the splash park on Facebook at Lee County Splash Park.

Splashing (FREE) Fun

Look at this beautiful facility!

My kids had a blast! I was very pleased with the facility and even took my kids two days in a row. I plan to take them more this summer. They actually asked if they could go back every weekend.

This past weekend I took my kids plus my little cousin. The girls had a slumber party all weekend…poor Bub and all those girls. He handled it quite well I think haha.

Okay back to the Lee County Splash Park….yes mothers there is a restroom facility. They are located in the brown building in the back of the picture. That building also has a shelter with picnic tables that can be reserved for birthday parties.

Splashing (FREE) Fun

The playground area. There are more things included besides than what is on the picture.

Here are some pictures of our trip to the Lee County Splash Park.

Splashing (FREE) Fun

Look at what a view just over the hill from the Lee County Splash Park.

Splashing (FREE) Fun

  Splashing (FREE) Fun

  Splashing (FREE) Fun  Splashing (FREE) FunSplashing (FREE) Fun  Splashing (FREE) FunSplashing (FREE) Fun

Splashing (FREE) Fun

My precious babies.

I am so happy that we have something like this that is only 15 minutes up to road. If you want an exciting and FREE activity for your kids I suggest heading up to the Lee County Splash Park.

Address and Number:

500 Happy Top Rd
Beattyville, Kentucky 41311
(606) 464-5030

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