6 Things To Say To Your Husband on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to honor our fathers.

How far do you go to honor your husband on Father’s Day? And no I’m not talking about what you get him from your kids.  I mean what do you do for him from YOU?

I have come up with six things you should definitely say to your husband on Father’s Day.

Thank him for providing for your family.

Yes we both work but I still thank my husband for providing for our family. If we need something he makes sure we get it. By thanking him it makes the monotony of going to work easier. It gives his job a purpose.

6 Things To Say To Your Husband on Father's Day

Tell him you respect him.

To have a strong marriage you have to have respect. If you don’t respect your husband….he isn’t going to respect you. Respect will bring you closer together and allow you to work as a team.

Thank him for giving you your children.

My husband and I do not have any children together (yet) but I thank him for giving me my four beautiful babies. No I didn’t get to raise them from birth but I love them as my own. I love them for their own personalities and because they are an extension of him. So whether it is your biological children or not….thank your husband for the blessing of babies.

6 Things To Say To Your Husband on Father's Day

Thank him for doing all of the “hard stuff” around the house.

Okay anyone who knows me knows I’m a weakling. I was not blessed with strength…..my husband on the other hand was. I thank him for doing all of the heavy lifting, nasty jobs (taking out the trash…ick), and fixing things around the house. Without thanks and gratitude your husband will get discouraged. Giving him thanks will help boost his self esteem and show him he has a helpful place in your family.

Last of all…thank him for being a great dad to your kids.

Sadly dads who are very involved with their kids are a rare find. My husband is amazing with the kids! They each have their own unbreakable bond with their daddy. It is so special to see. I wish all kids could have a dad like my husband. Thanking him shows you realize he loves the kids and let’s him know you think he is doing a good job.

6 Things To Say To Your Husband on Father's Day

Your husband is one of the most important men in your life. Make sure he knows it!


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