Why Looking Like A Mess May Make You A Better Mother

Picture this: hair pulled back in a bun…possibly soaking wet…and no makeup. I have just described how I look 85% of the time.

Who am I trying to impress? I have already snagged my handsome husband…..I could care less about what other people think about me. I may generally look like a hot mess but you will never see my kids that way!

There is nothing more aggravating or infuriating than to see a mother being dressed to the nines and topped off with her designer handbag and her kids have dirty faces or stained up/holey clothes. Really? How does someone walk out of the house and think that is okay? I sure don’t!

As a parent you have to make sure that your kids are bathed, dressed, and groomed before walking out the door. Kids are kids. They would wear the same clothes for days, never brush their teeth and definitely never brush their hair if they weren’t made to. Joshlynn and Abby are 8 and 9 and I still brush their hair for them. I remember being that age and being told to brush my hair. I never brushed underneath because it hurt. I would then have a big knot in my hair. I don’t want my girls to have to go through that. Yes I should let them brush their own hair but I want to make sure it is properly taken care of (they’ll start doing it….one day).

When we are getting ready for something we have to start early. Getting six people ready can take awhile. Sometimes I will jump in the shower before everyone but usually my husband and I get the kids ready and then worry about ourselves. Yes that usually means that I have less time to get ready and I don’t always look as good as I could. But at least the kids look good! If you see me looking really good on an outing with the kids…..I’m having a reeaallyy good day. Just step back and let me feel fabulous haha.

Someone made a statement about how they couldn’t believe that I would show up to one of the kids functions and only wear a t-shirt and no makeup.  First off it was a plain, long sleeve-shirt. It’s not like it was a t-shirt that said “I’m with stupid” or anything.

You want to know why I looked like that?

We had to drive two hours away to get to this function and we had to leave super early. I made sure my kids looked good…not just presentable. I made sure they were bathed, groomed, and dressed nice. Yes I could have gotten up at the crack of dawn and fixed my hair instead of putting it in a bun, yes I could have dressed a little nicer, and yes I could have slapped on some makeup….but why? In my mind I was more worried about making sure my kids looked good than how I looked. I wasn’t worried if the other parents “out-dressed” me….who cares? We were there to watch our child not be in competition with the other parents.

Why Looking Like A Mess May Make You A Better Mother

Selfie’s with your kids should be “natural.” We were laying around the house and you should be able to tell… instead of saying, “hang on honey let me touch up my makeup.”

Now let’s be honest, I don’t always look like a bum. I do try to look presentable sometimes and take spurts where I want to look nice. However, I NEVER go out of the house in pajamas and my hair/teeth unbrushed. There is never a time that I look like I have just rolled out of bed. There is a difference in not caring about your appearance (not wearing makeup) and just being a slob (unbrushed hair, always wearing pajamas in public, or always wearing dirty clothes). I never go out of the house in a way that would embarrass my kids.

Why Looking Like A Mess May Make You A Better Mother

Savannah and I at the library seeing the penguins. My lack of makeup and my hair thrown up doesn’t change how much she loves me.

I’m sorry but my kids will love me just as much if I come to their events without makeup on. In my opinion I think the fact that I wear very little makeup helps my daughters. Girls in this day and time have the misconception that they have to wear makeup in order to be pretty. This is far from the truth! To me women who cake on makeup is a form of catfishing. No man wants to be dating a woman he can barely recognize when she takes off her makeup. How can you tell your daughters they are pretty and don’t need to wear that junk when your face looks like it’s own color palette?

I always put my children first and worry about their needs. You will never see me looking really good and my kids looking like a mess. I would much rather look like a hot mess and my kids look great any day. I just wish other mothers felt the same way.

Why Looking Like A Mess May Make You A Better Mother

My beautiful babies

The fact that my kids always look good shows that I care more about them than myself. Can you say the same thing?


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