50 Southern Sayings You May Know

Oh I love a good southern sayin’! I’ll tell ya there are some real humdingers out there. Without these sayings our conversations would be dull :).

50 Southern Sayings You May Know

I have compiled a list of 50 southern sayings that you may know. I haven’t heard all of them but I am guilty of saying most of these.

  1. So good your tongue with slap your brains out (my husband says this all the time)
  2. God love her heart
  3. Quare
  4. Madder than a wet hen
  5. Too big for your britches
  6. Break bad
  7. Hold your horses
  8. Longer than a night in jail
  9. Reckon
  10. All get out
  11. Slicker than snot
  12. Oopsy daisy (my 3 year olds favorite)
  13. You’re preaching to the choir
  14. Hit the hay
  15. Gosh A’mighty
  16. I declare (my husband and mother-in-law say this all the time)
  17. Stinks to high heaven
  18. For crying out loud
  19. To the good Lord up above
  20. Deader than a doorknob/door nail
  21. Slicked back like a biting sow
  22. You look so good I want to sop you up with a biscuit
  23. Slower than a June bug in molasses
  24. If the good lords willing and the creek don’t rise
  25. What’s got you dandruff/dander up?
  26. Fighting like a cat being baptized
  27. Use some elbow grease
  28. Living high on the hog
  29. Hold your horses
  30. You ain’t right (I say this all the time)
  31. Don’t get me started (And this)
  32. Youngens
  33. Cute as a button
  34. Bleed like a stuck pig
  35. Diddly squat
  36. Quit being ugly
  37. Getting above your raising
  38. Lord have Mercy
  39. Gimme some sugar
  40. How do you like them apples
  41. Have you lost your ever loving mind
  42. Goodness gracious
  43. Come hug my neck
  44. It’s over yonder
  45. Heavens to Betsy
  46. Tater
  47. Sight for sore eyes
  48. Kiss my grits
  49. Hotter than a two dollar pistol
  50. Come sit a spell

How many of these are you guilty of saying? I am guilty of using 36 on a regular basis. What does that say about me?


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