I Want To Thank My Ex-Boyfriend For Treating Me Like Crap

Yes you read correctly…I owe thanks to my ex-boyfriend for treating me like crap.

You sure don’t see someone say that very often. Two years ago you wouldn’t have heard me say it either.

I Want To Thank My Ex-Boyfriend For Treating Me Like Crap

Besides my husband I have only had one other serious relationship. Yes I had other boyfriends but they weren’t “serious.” I actually didn’t have time to have too many serious boyfriends because I was with my ex from the time I was 17 until I was 23 (now we did break up and get back together a few times during that five-year time frame). A lot of bad things happened during that time, and I experienced a lot of things I wish I hadn’t. However, that’s life….who knew that going through five years of a bad relationship would make me a better wife.

If things were so bad then why on earth would I want to thank him?

I want to thank my ex for treating me like crap because it makes me appreciate my husband so much more. Until I met Josh I thought that all men were liars and cheaters. I’m sorry but up to that point in my life that is all I had experienced. I was used to not believing a single word that came out of someones mouth. I was used to being blindsided with the news that I had been cheated on…yet again. I was used to only getting flowers and things when they were presented with an apology.

My husband is a rare gem that I would have taken for granted had I not been with my ex. Our past relationships shape how we are with our spouses. So had I not went through sometimes, Hades on earth, I would never have realized how amazing my husband truly is. Of course he is always amazing, but without my past relationship I wouldn’t have known anything different. I wouldn’t have known a life with a highly toxic relationship that was emotionally exhausting. My husband is the exact opposite of my ex and Lord knows that is what I needed.

I by no means intend to defame or talk bad about my ex-boyfriend. I have forgiven him for what he done to me. We both were young and now have our new lives. So instead of being angry and hurt I have taken the higher ground and thank him for helping me love and appreciate my husband more than I can ever imagine.

Can you find something that you want to thank your ex or exes for?


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