How To Know He Is “The One”

As a little girl did you dream of prince charming, or your knight in shining armor?

I know I sure did.

How To Know He Is

Guess what?

Up until I met Josh my “knight in shining armor” was a goofball in tin foil.

Joshua Thompson IS my knight in shining armor! He came in and swooped me off my feet and continues to give me butterflies when he “saves me.”

My prior relationships make me very appreciative of my husband.

I knew my husband was “the one” early on in our relationship.

I had just gotten out of a rocky, on and off again, five-year, roller coaster of a relationship. Talk about a mess….ooohhh weeee I’m glad that’s behind me!

Believe it or not I knew I was going to marry my husband before we even started dating. I know….this is where you think I am absolutely crazy. But it is every bit the truth. While we (Josh and I) were talking (mainly texting back and forth) I texted both my mom and sister and told them that Josh and I would end up getting married.

A few months after that…..we were engaged….a few months after that we were married.

I had a feeling that he was the one…he was the one that I had been waiting for.

How can you tell he’s the one?

  • Does he love you unconditionally?
    • No matter how unbearable you act sometimes
  • Is he your protector?
    • Is he willing to do what it takes to make sure you are okay?
  • Is he willing to be the leader of your household?
    • Take responsibility for things that need to be done
  • Does he tell you he misses you…and actually mean it?
  • He’s your “person”
    • Your “go-to” for anything you need to talk about
  • He has more positive than negative traits
  • You can’t even imagine your life without him
  • No matter how long you’ve been together…he still gives you butterflies
  • You can have more fun sitting at home watching TV than going out
  • He is constantly doing little things to show you he loves you

My list could go on and on.

I am positive my husband is “the one” I was supposed to marry. I can relate to everything on my list above and then some!

Before marrying someone sit down and think really hard on whether or not they are someone you should embark on that journey with. You don’t want to be another percentage point on the divorce statistics.

Do you have any other ways you know your husband is/was “the one?” I’d love to hear them!



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