Violence Against Her is Violence Against Us (One Million Thumbprints)

Violence is something that has been an issue since the beginning of time. Some people are just evil and have violence running through their veins.

I actually count myself very lucky and blessed because I have never been the victim of violence. HOWEVER….there are a few people very close to me (both men and women) that have been the victim of domestic violence at some point in their life.

Being an advocate for DV is something that I am passionate about. While in college I interned at Hope’s Wings Domestic Violence shelter here in Richmond, KY. It is truly sad some of the things those women and children have to go through.

Domestic violence is a terrible, horrible, and downright sickening act on any human. However, imagine living in third world countries where women are in constant fear of their life or fear of being raped by rebels from another village?

Violence Against Her is Violence Against Us (One Million Thumbprints)

I could not fathom what these women go through! They are forced to watch their families die and then brutally assaulted afterwards.

Thank goodness for grassroots organizations such as One Million Thumbprints (1MT)!

According to their website:

1MT seeks to aid women who’ve been affected by sexual violence in war zones in two specific ways: 1) Advocating the UN and other governing bodies to follow through on resolutions and laws passed to protect women in conflict zones, and 2) Partnering with and building the capacity of proven organizations already on the ground. These programs meet practical needs (food, clothing, shelter, rape kits, and trauma assistance), help stabilize communities (through training in negotiation and peacemaking), and provide sustainable long-term solutions (such as educational development, micro-savings and micro-finance, and refugee resettlement).

While scrolling through Facebook yesterday I noticed a post by Today’s Christian Woman (TWC) calling for bloggers. I love finding ways to reach out and use The Southern Pearl in a positive way. The article discussed helping get the word out about the One Million Thumbprints and their 1MT Climb. I knew it was something that I wanted to help with!

The 1MT Climb is an event to help raise awareness and funding for programs to help women who are affected by the violence. These countries include Syria/Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan. The climb will take place at Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa on March 8, 2016 (International Women’s Day) and includes 15 women and one man.

Why did they choose Mt. Kilimanjaro? The website gives a great reason:

“Mt. Kilimanjaro is famously known as the “Mountain of Light,” or the “heart, beauty and jewel” of Africa. A group of women will summit Mount Kilimanjaro on International Women’s Day 2016 to bring the violent acts committed against vulnerable women around the world into the light through advocacy, storytelling and fundraising. We will carry with us a banner covered in thumbprints from those who pledge support and “make a mark” on the issue of violence against women in war.”

How did 1MT begin?

The story is quite interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. It all began when, Belinda Bauman, founder of 1MT met with a lady named, Esperance, who lived in the Democratic of Congo. Her husband was murdered in front of her and she was violently raped and left to die. Esperance who can’t read or write had someone write, “Tell the world” on a piece of paper for her. Underneath her powerful message she signed it with her thumbprint.

Why are we not standing up and helping make a difference for women in other countries? Yes I know that we have issues in our own country BUT women here do have access to police, shelters, and assistance to help them leave their assailants. The women in third world countries have NOTHING!

Violence Against Her is Violance Against Us (One Million Thumbprints)

Photo taken from the One Million Thumbprints website.

Will you please help take a stance and add your thumbprint for this amazing cause?

Will you take less than one minute of your time and fill out the form to show your support for this cause and for the helpless women? Visit the website here.

Want to do more? You can give a monetary gift as well. You can give by visiting the link here.

You can learn more about One Million Thumbprints at their website here or on their Facebook page here.

Let’s all take a stand for women who can’t take a stand for themselves!!

If you leave your thumbprint I’d love to know! Comment below and let others know you took a stand.


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