My Glucose Test & Cotton Ball Incident

Well hello there strangers! It feels like it’s been forever and a day since my last post!

I have missed posting and told myself I BETTER get my tail in gear and post today.

Not a lot has happened since my last post. I have been working, working, working. My four, 10 hour work days, plus my hour and a half drive home (one way) is starting to get the best of me. I stay so tired all of the time…..and it doesn’t help that I’m 27 weeks pregnant.

As for little miss…..everything has been going perfect with her :). Only 13 weeks to go and she’ll finally be here! We have had a name picked out for awhile now but her daddy won’t let me tell anyone but family. He is afraid someone will take it because it’s unique :). I can’t say that I blame him.

I passed my glucose test this week with flying colors. That’s a heavy worry lifted off my shoulders. Diabetes runs in my family and there’s always that possibility. But not for this girl :D.

My Glucose Test & Cotton Ball Incident

The drink was NOT as bad as everyone acts. I was all hyped up and nervous for nothing. I mean it wasn’t my ideal thing to drink first thing in the morning but it wasn’t bad.

I was glad because they gave me a kind that I was allowed and actually encouraged to eat before drinking. My midwife sent me home with the drink a month ago and told me to eat something with high protein and low carbs before drinking it. The fact that I was able to bring it home and drink it an hour before my appointment was wonderful too! I did not want to sit in the waiting room for an hour waiting for it to hit my system.

So I got up, made me a fried egg, and stood around for a minute dreading my fate with the infamous sugary drink.

Ohh I was dreading it bad. I started my timer (because I had to drink the entire thing within five minutes). But as I started to drink it I realized it just tasted like kool-aid with a little too much sugar. It honestly wasn’t bad at all! I did take a little break in the middle and had time left over when I finished. I drank that bottle like a pro!! Haha

So overall my glucose test was a very easy and painless experience. I’m glad because I’ve heard some doozy stories from other pregnant women.

The glucose test was easy and non-traumatic BUT what happened before….not so much…………….

Oh my goodness….let me tell you about what happened to me at this appointment. I was all worried about whether or not I was going to pass the glucose test (I don’t know why because my pregnancy has been healthy to this point with little complications).

I go in and do the ritualistic “urine sample” first thing. The nurse weighs me, takes my vitals, and says she is going to prick my finger for the glucose test.

My mom was with me so I was talking to her during the whole process. The nurse pricks my finger and hands me what I assume is gauze to stop the bleeding. I was not paying attention because I was looking at my mom.

It took me less than 2 seconds to realize what she put in my hand was NOT gauze. Yes… was a cotton ball!!!!!! I instantly became nauseous and looked at my mom and the tears started flowing. I felt like a total idiot but I couldn’t help it. Like a mom running to the rescue of her small child, my mom rushed over and took that nasty white thing out of my hand. She then tells the nurse I have a “thing” with cotton balls. I could have died!! I not only touched this thing I was completely blindsided by it. It still gives me chills to think about it. Of course my mom, husband, and sister all thought this was hilarious… not so much.

To my surprise the nurse was very understanding and even said her husband was the same way. THANK GOODNESS! This woman could have thought I was straight up crazy but luckily she knew all about it haha.

Needless to say my doctors visit on Monday was an interesting one. It’s crazy but that was my last monthly doctors appointment and we are now down to every two week appointments. How exciting!! I am starting to become impatient but that’s just because I want to get my hands on this little rambunctious girl :).

Now that you have been reminded how crazy I am…..I hope you have a good rest of your day!



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