A Letter To My Younger Self

What were your teenage years like? Were you wild and crazy? Or were you a good kid who made a few mistakes?

Teenagers are meant to make mistakes….it’s all about learning. Even the good kids make mistakes. I was a “good kid” who occasionally made bad decisions. Those bad decisions helped me learn valuable life lessons.

A Letter To My Younger Self (375x500)

If I could, I would tell my teenage self a few things.

Below is a letter I would send my teenage self if I could…….

Dear Teenage Kirstie,

Oh child! You have no idea what is in store for you! Over the next 5-10 years you are going to be all over the place emotionally.

You are going to make decisions that you will regret later. You are going to accept things when you shouldn’t settle. You are going to allow others to walk all over you.

You are going to make BIG changes that you can’t fathom right now. You are going to lose people who you thought would always be by your side. You are going to figure them out and realize why you’re better off without them.

You’re not going to marry the person you think right now is the “love of your life.” You will find out…that “love” is nothing compared to what is in store for you.

With that being said…..STOP passing up on opportunities because of a certain person. Stop trying to grow up faster than you have to. Enjoy your teenage years and let certain people go. Send him on his happy way….you’ll thank me later (trust me)!

You are going to experience the world! You need to enjoy every single second and not worry about what’s going on back home.

Live it up a little more in college! No I’m not talking about partying. Hang out with friends more, travel more, have more fun!

When nursing school enters your mind….just store that thought in the “bad idea” folder of your brain. I know you want to do it….but it’s not going to work out. Don’t waste your time and go straight into public relations. If you play your cards right you can graduate early. Who knows you may could go on to law school or something.

Don’t limit yourself because you think you can’t do something.

Don’t settle. Please God…if this is the only thing you take from this letter my job will be done. Over the next few years you are going to settle for far, far less than you deserve. It’s not fair to you or your future. Some decisions you make and things you are going to let happen, are going to hinder you later in life. Put your foot down! Stand up for yourself! You are a very special person that has unlimited possibilities and potential.

When you do meet the love of your life he will encourage you to follow your dreams. He is going to be completely different than any man you’ve ever come in contact with. Don’t be so rough on him. I know it’s hard to believe someone can be so caring and selfless…but he is. He loves you. He strives to make you happy. He is NOTHING like the others. He is the exact OPPOSITE of your ex or “Mr. Wrong.” Let the little things go (your future self is still struggling with this).

Just be you. Be happy. Live life. Make memories.

Trust me….you’ll thank me later for all of this.

Your future self.

If you could write a letter to your teenage self what would it say?




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