Dating Your Spouse 

Date your spouse?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Well guess what? You NEED to make time for “that.” Your marriage could depend on it!


It’s easy to get sucked into the daily hustle and bustle of life. You get stuck in a very tedious routine: wake up, go to work, come home, eat supper, play with the kids, watch some Netflix, got to bed, then repeat day after day.

Routine is good it it can sometimes cause harm as well.

My husband and I work all time….alllll the time. We feel like that’s all we do. We are so tired when we get home that our ideal night and weekend consists of doing absolutely nothing! Last Saturday we decided we were going to do as little as possible. We ordered Chinese, laid around, and watched T.V. Talk about relaxing.


As much as I love being lazy, I enjoy a night out with my hubby as well.

I love spending time with him. We could go out to a five star restaurant or sit at home and watch NCIS. I’m not picky as long as I get to spend time with him.

Dating your husband/spouse can mean many different things.

You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money to have a successful date night. You can have date-in nights where you stay home, cook/order dinner, and watch a movie. My husband and I have date-in nights quite often.

When we go out we never spend a ton of money. Actually we can go to about any of the restaurants we like and only spend about $20- $25.

Just last week we had planned on going out to eat in Lexington at a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to. Things didn’t happen the way we wanted but we still ended up having a good time. Want to know why? Because to me it wasn’t about the restaurant.

What did we do? We grabbed some McDonalds instead and headed to Jacobson Park where we hunted Pokémon. Yes date night ended up being me and my husband Pokémon hunting. We hit up the Pokéstops, caught a few Pokémon, hatched a few eggs, and even hunted down a lure. Josh tried to take over a gym but park security was going around letting everyone know the park was closing and his phone froze. He had a pretty good chance…just saying.

We laughed, people watched, and just enjoyed each other.

That is what date nights are supposed to be about….spending time with each other.

Just because he takes you out to a fancy restaurant and drops $100 on one meal…doesn’t mean you spent quality time.

You can turn anything into a date night as long as you’re both fully invested in the activity and want nothing more than to enjoy each other.

Date night is much more than him taking you out shopping, more than getting a meal other than what you or him have cooked, and so much more than “just getting out of the house.”

Date night should be a time where the two of you reconnect after a few hectic weeks or even days. A time for you all to be brought back down to earth, a time to realize why you appreciate each other. It’s a kid free night where you can have an adult conversation without hearing cries, or “mom” and “dad” a million times.

Date night can be as simple as walking around the park like we did, or as big and fancy as you want. It’s what you make of it. Everyone is different and that’s okay.

Do you and your husband not have some form of date night? If not, I highly recommend making time for it. Have a low budget? Oh honey…we sometimes have a nonexistent date night budget….but we get creative and make it work. Pokémon hunting has been our “date night” a few times.

Occasional date nights can be what saves your marriage if it’s on the rocks. But remember the driving factor must be the need and want of each other’s love and attention.

What do you and your spouse do for date night? I’d love to hear about it…comment with your answers below.





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