Happy Star Wars Day!

In the Thompson household we embrace our inner and sometimes very evident “nerdy.” With that being said, Happy “May the 4th Be With You Day” also known as Star Wars Day!

Growing up I loved watching Star Wars with my dad (Star Trek not so much). My husband also loved Star Wars as a kid.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Before we even knew our daughter Reylin was a girl I knew I loved the name. I wasn’t sure how we were going to spell it because it was after my husband’s Papaw Ray. We could have done Raylin or Raelynn. To be honest I wasn’t really a fan of either spelling. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out I fell in love with the way Rey spelled her name. To me it was a very feminine way to spell Ray and it was just what I was looking for. That’s when we decided “Reylin” it was!

Reylin was named after my husband’s Papaw Ray and my father-in-law whose middle name is Dean. It wasn’t until after we decided on her name that we realized in a sense she was Rey and R2D2 (who is my favorite). My father-in-law’s first name starts with a “R” too. So they have the same initials. Making them R2 and D2.

Today we celebrated the best way we could. Rey was able to go outside and play with her (actually her daddy’s from childhood) Star Wars toys and her Rey doll.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Reylin’s two favorites Rey and R2D2.

My husband bought the Rey doll when I was pregnant. It was supposed to stay in the box but Reylin had other plans :/. I snagged the R2D2 tin on sale for $2 after Valentine’s Day! It is perfect for carrying her small toys.

She loves packing these two around with her!

Happy Star Wars Day!

How cute is this picture!?

Of course I had to make Reylin a shirt today. I love how it turned out and it describes her perfectly!

By the way I have a Facebook group where you can purchase/order/window shop my latest products ;). Click here to visit the group.

Happy Star Wars Day!

As you can tell the shirt is a perfect representation of this wild, curly, blonde-headed child

Reylin finished her afternoon with watching Star Wars cartoons while eating lunch with Rey. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

How did you celebrate Star Wars Day?

Until next time……May the Force Be With You!



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