Presto Photo’s Father’s Day Mug For The Win

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not in any way influenced by the company/or its affiliates.

I LOVE giving gifts! It’s almost my love language :). I get all excited and giddy just thinking about giving someone a gift I bought, made or got for them. However, I am TERRIBLE about keeping it a secret for too long :/. That’s why I could never be the type of parent that shops year round for great sales on birthday and Christmas presents. I would break over and give it my kid(s) shortly after getting them.

Surprisingly I love to give gifts to my husband more than I do my kids. Don’t get me wrong I love buying my kids things (especially if it’s something they want). BUT my husband is such a selfless man and I love being able to give something back to him. He works very hard to provide for our family and anytime I can show him we appreciate him and his hard work I do it!

Presto Photo's Father's Day Mug For The Win

My husband is a family man. He is a daddy of five (ranging in ages from 12-2) and he makes it no secret how much we all mean to him. I am always on the hunt for the next thing I can find him. It doesn’t always have to be something big and extravagant. Generally the smaller, more meaningful gifts are the best ones. That’s why when I saw this custom coffee mug from Presto Photo I knew I had to get it for him for Father’s Day!

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But remember how I said I couldn’t keep gifts a secret? Well this was no exception :/. I gave it to him as soon as I walked in from checking the mail.

I was soooooooo EXCITED to open it and I wanted him to share the excitement with me. He had no clue he was getting the mug and it made it that more special.

Presto Photo's Father's Day Mug For The Win

He of course couldn’t wait to drink a cup of coffee out of his new mug.

Below is the easy to use template on Presto Photo’s website. There were tons of different templates and options that allow you to personalize the mugs to your family and photos. I was able to upload my photos then arrange them how I wanted. I chose to use the template below because it allowed me to make it extra special and fit photos that represent our large family.

Each of our children have their own special bond with their daddy. I chose to include a picture of my husband and each child individually doing something they love together. I then included photos of all five of the children together and also photos of all seven of us together. I don’t know if there’s a way to make this mug anymore perfect.

Presto Photo's Father's Day Mug For The Win

If you’re looking for a great, personalized Father’s Day gift for your husband, father, or any man in your life (for under $10 I might add) then look no further than Presto Photo’s custom coffee mugs! Where else can you get something so perfect for under $10!?

If nothing else go check out their website here and look at all of their great products but most importantly the coffee mugs! You won’t be disappointed…..I know my husband isn’t ;).



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