21 Free Things To Do In Owsley County

Owsley County may not have amusements parks, a bowling alley, or be a hopping big city…. but we do have things to do here! And the awesome thing is this post discusses all the FREE things to do. Here is a list of 21 FREE things you can do in Owsley County…..free is always good!
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The “Abe Lincoln Rock”

Ohh who doesn’t just love Abraham Lincoln? He was such an amazing man (can you tell he’s my favorite president of all time). It also helps that he was from Kentucky. All Kentuckians love when someone famous or someone of importance is from Kentucky too (don’t lie you know you do).

Well did you know that little ole Owsley County has a life-sized statue of Abraham Lincoln?

Guess what? Until about a year ago I didn’t either. This is a gem for our county and hardly anyone knows about it!

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