7 Signs That I Am Getting Older

Getting older….two words most women dread. I know women who have absolutely had a breakdown because they were turning another year older. Why? Getting all tore up and sad won’t make you any younger (psst-those worry lines make you look older). Just think you only have to do three things in life….live, die, and pay taxes. However, they all come with getting older!

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Paula Deen’s Corn Frito Salad

This recipe is an all time favorite of my entire family (except my baby brother-he doesn’t like corn). Anytime we have a pot luck, family gathering, or birthday party….this is always my go-to dish. It’s so easy and ridiculously good.

My kids even ask for it at home, “Can you make some of the ‘corn stuff’ for supper?” My husband will eat it like it’s going out of style. My sister will go buy the ingredients so I can make her some while she visits. I try to make it as often as I can since my family of six likes it so much. It’s cheap and that’s always a plus!

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Why Looking Like A Mess May Make You A Better Mother

Picture this: hair pulled back in a bun…possibly soaking wet…and no makeup. I have just described how I look 85% of the time.

Who am I trying to impress? I have already snagged my handsome husband…..I could care less about what other people think about me. I may generally look like a hot mess but you will never see my kids that way!

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Why I Owe My Marriage To The Lord

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.

I love my husband more than anything in this world but like other couples we have had our issues. It’s easy for couples to have a “perfect” marriage on Facebook or Instagram. However, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Couples disagree, fight, argue and sometimes just don’t like each other.

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A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center

Okay so maybe we didn’t stay the night at the Cincinnati Museum Center but wouldn’t that be awesome? I can see it now….the kids would be walking around with Ben Stiller as the museum exhibits came to life. Wouldn’t that be something?

Day 1 of the 2015 Thompson Family Vacation was spent at the Cincinnati Museum Center. This was the first time my husband and kids had been there. I had went twice as a child and absolutely loved it! Continue reading

My First Love….My Daddy

Father’s Day.

The day we celebrate dads and stepdads. Not everyone has the luxury of having their biological father raise them. This is why stepdads and stepmoms are important too.

I was blessed to have my dad in my life. I grew up a daddy’s girl.  Wherever my dad was….I was right there! If he was out working on his ’66 Ford Mustang (which I LOVED) or working a side job…I wanted to be by his side. To me my daddy hung the moon. There’s a saying that says daddy’s are their sons first hero and their daughters first love. This was definitely true for me.

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The “Abe Lincoln Rock”

Ohh who doesn’t just love Abraham Lincoln? He was such an amazing man (can you tell he’s my favorite president of all time). It also helps that he was from Kentucky. All Kentuckians love when someone famous or someone of importance is from Kentucky too (don’t lie you know you do).

Well did you know that little ole Owsley County has a life-sized statue of Abraham Lincoln?

Guess what? Until about a year ago I didn’t either. This is a gem for our county and hardly anyone knows about it!

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Father’s Day Freebie

Father’s Day is such a special day. It’s a day devoted to telling all the great fathers just how awesome they are.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21 this year. For those moms who just can’t quite figure out what to get your husbands from the kids….I have a treat for you! I have created a Father’s Day freebie for moms to make a very special gift with the kiddos to give to dad next weekend.

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Splashing (FREE) Fun

With a family of six, free activities are ALWAYS the best! We love to be able to get the kids out of the house. We have to make our oldest daughter have “electronic free” days. I’m sure there are other moms out there that have the same struggle.

It’s summertime and it gets soooo hot. Unfortunately we don’t have a pool at home. Any water activity we can find is great and the kids have a blast. For all those near the Beattyville, Kentucky area do I have a treat for you. There is a FREE splash park at Happy Top! Everyone loves the word free….if you say you don’t you may be fibbing.

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Welcome To The Southern Pearl

I had been throwing around the idea of starting a blog for a long time now. A few years ago I wanted to start one but the idea got thrown to the side. Then a few months ago the idea popped back into my head. I was torn and scared…obviously! What if I started a blog and no one read it? What if I was terrible at it? What if? What if? What if? Then finally I decided no more “what ifs” I was going to start one! My husband has been very supportive and even came up with the name The Southern Pearl. How awesome is that?

How did my husband come up with The Southern Pearl? Since before I can remember I have been obsessed with pearls! I have been accused of being an old woman at heart. I believe my Granny Vern is the cause of my love for pearls. I share her love for gotti jewelry but most definitely the love of pearls. I even have younger cousins who I have gotten to love pearls as well. You will very rarely see me with any other earrings besides my pearls.

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