Amazon Prime Day Deals Under $25 | July 2022

Prime Days are finally here!!! It’s so great to be able to get such awesome deals all in one place.

I have compiled a list below of ten categories below that all have great deals all under $25! Get more bang for your buck with these deals below!

These deals are only available July 12-13, 2022. Don’t miss out!!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I will earn a percentage from qualifying purchases on links below.

Amazon Prime Day Deals Under $25 | July 2022
  1. Echo Dot + Sengled Bluetooth Color BulbStarting at $19.99

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Save $44.99 or 69% on these Echo Dot’s. Turn off your lights by talking to Alexa or using your mobile phone. You can choose between three colors.

Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

2. Baby clothes galore!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

3. Fire TV Sticks Starting at $11.99

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

4. Kitchen Essentials

There are soooo many good things on the link below!

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5. Outdoor Toys, Ride-Ons & Play Equipment

Looking for ways to occupy the kiddos or want to join them in the fun? The link below has a ton of outdoor fun options for the family!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

6. Disney Toys, Apparel, & More

Have a Disney lover in your house? Visit the link below to find some awesome Disney deals for under $25!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

7. Crocs

There are several Croc options on the link below for under $25!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

8. Pet Feeders, Toys, GPS Trackers, Treats, and More

Looking for some good deals for your pet babies? Check out the link below for some awesome deals!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

9. School Supplies from Sharpie, Elmer’s and More

It’s almost that time to be getting school supplies! Get ahead of the game and purchase them while they are on sale! Some items are 79% off!!!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

10. Art & Crafts

Are you trying to find ways to keep your kids busy the last few weeks of summer? Hit up some of these awesome arts and craft deals to help keep those kiddos entertained!

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Amazon Prime Deals Under $25 | July 2022

Want to browse all Prime Deals?

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What are some of your favorite Prime Deals you found? Comment below and let us know because we may need them too!



Traveling: Why It’s Important For Those From Appalachia  

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

Imagine this: You’re standing in a stuffy underground structure with what seems like hundreds of other people. The train comes barreling through the tunnel at what seems like warp speed. You hear an announcement over the intercom tell you to “mind the gap.” Passengers begin to exit the carts and scatter in all directions! You enter as soon as possible or you will be left behind.

Yay! Congratulations….you have successfully caught a ride on the Underground or “tube” in London, England!

The tube was a pretty stressful place for me at times. Want to know why? Well it’s plain and simple….I’m from Eastern Kentucky and had NEVER experienced a tube or what we call here in the U.S. the subway.

*An interesting tid bit of information*

As previously mentioned, in the United States we call underground transportation the subway, in London the subway is an underground pedestrian walkway to help you get across busy streets without running through traffic!

Anyway…back on topic.

I want to first say that I am very honored and excited to be guest posting on Helene in Between! I am so jealous that she is moving to Europe ;).

I was able to study abroad in London, England for an entire month while in college. This was a life changing experience for me. Very few people in my family have been able to travel abroad (they traveled to Canada and on cruises).

I am a very determined individual. I like to sometimes do things out of my comfort zone. That is why I marched right into the Study Abroad office at Eastern Kentucky University and told the lady I wanted more information about studying abroad. It was on like Donkey Kong after that! I obsessed over my upcoming trip to London. I know I had to make people sick with my excitement and excessive talking about the trip. 

For me studying abroad got me out of my comfort zone. But it’s not out of the ordinary for me to do something crazy and out there like this. Some of my family were in shock that I would just up and travel to another country alone. Well the term “alone” is used loosely because I was traveling in a group. But to my family that might as well have been alone.

While studying abroad I was able to experience things I would have NEVER been able to do back home. I was lucky enough to be in London during the 2012 Olympics (talk about an amazing experience).  Just being in a city with over 8 million people and over 100 different languages being spoken was an experience in itself.

Some background about me:

As a child I bounced back and forth from my parents (dad in Ohio…mom in Kentucky). To me Kentucky has always been home. I am from a small….VERY small….town in Eastern Kentucky. Small as in 81 people live in the city limits and there are less than 5,000 people in the entire county small. The nearest Walmart is 30 minutes away, it’s not even a super Walmart….if you want that you’re looking at an hour drive. Movies and nice restaurants? You’re also looking at an hour to hour and half drive. Yeah crazy I know!

Coming from such a small rural area it is easy to get stuck in your ways and just live with what life has handed you. There are times that living in EKY is just plain awful! Plain and simple. I am not afraid to admit that I have lived in poverty as a child and in my adult life. Poverty is something that just comes with the territory when you live in small rural areas. It’s not always a definite thing but for some people it’s inevitable. My mother worked her tail off to provide for our family so for us it was not by choice!

When I realized that it was even possible for me to travel and see other places….you bet I was doing everything I could to make it possible. I was over just accepting what life threw at me. So when life gave me lemons….I turned them into a trip of a lifetime!

I honestly wish others in Appalachia and Eastern Kentucky would take the initiative to get out and experience the world!  Appalachia is beautiful and sometimes people travel here to see the beauty that it holds. BUT when hollers and small town life is all you know…you’re truly missing out. It’s actually funny because when people act crazy/goofy when in a new environment….my family always says “you need to get out of the holler more!” This is a pretty common phrase where I’m from haha.

For some…traveling helps them appreciate the mountains and simplicity so much more. For others…it is an eye opening experience to show to them that they do not have to be a result of their surroundings….a result of their raising. Through travel they can see that there is more to life than poverty and living paycheck to paycheck. Through travel they can be acclimated to other cultures and religions. I’m not going to lie EKY’ians can be some of the most closed minded and stubborn people you will ever meet. I believe a little bit of traveling could help them tremendously. However, some of them I wouldn’t change for the world!

Now before some of you start getting into a hissy…ya’ll know I’m telling the truth. I’m sorry. For me it’s sad when you talk to grown adults who have never been farther than maybe two counties over. This is heartbreaking. They have missed out on what I see as one of the greatest things in life. For most Appalachians or EKY’ians they are not able to travel due to lack of funds to travel. Heck some of them have to choose between food and bills. Traveling isn’t even an afterthought. It is something that will get a laugh and “yeah right” response when discussed.

Without student loans and scholarships I would have NEVER been able to see London, Paris, Scotland, Stonehenge, Cambridge, Oxford, or Wales. I would have NEVER been able to attend an Olympic Event. But you know what? I worked my tail off on scholarships. I harassed the financial aid office on campus. I was a go-getter and it paid off. I took the initiative and don’t regret one second.

I wish that other people from Eastern Kentucky would stop thinking it was impossible and just do it. Yes I will be paying off those loans for years to come. Do I care? Absolutely not! I gladly accept that debt because it was something that made a difference in my life. I will forever cherish those memories. I am still friends with some of the people who were on the trip. Some from my school…some from completely different states. We have a bond now…we experienced a city and country that was amazing.

I am so thankful for all of my wonderful memories and I love telling my children about them. I have told them that I want to help them anyway possible to study abroad while they are in college. I want them to have the same great memories and to be able to experience other cultures and countries!

Traveling is important for everyone. But when you come from Appalachia and everything seems impossible and out of reach…traveling is a game changer. You appreciate the experiences SOOOO much more!

No matter where you’re from, no matter your socioeconomic status…….


Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. Don’t be 30 years old and regret the opportunities you didn’t take. You don’t have to be a result of your raising.  You don’t have to be the product of your environment. No one is going to hand you this opportunity on a silver platter. Carpe diem my friends, carpe diem!

I’d love to hear about your studying abroad experiences (especially if you’re from Appalachia)! Where’d you go and was it worth it?



7 Meals For Under $60!

I have seen so many other families stressing out on how to feed their families in these trying times. I wanted to share some of my tips and a week’s worth of meals for under $60!

In 2020 I started meal planning to help save money. It was so easy to go in the store and purchase a lot of extra stuff we didn’t need.

With Covid came the option to do grocery pickups at Walmart through the Walmart app. The app has been a lifesaver!

Throughout the week I go into my Walmart app and add my groceries to my cart. I am then able to see exactly how much I will be spending. I also can see what ingredients I have and plan meals using the same ingredients if needed.

Example: If I have two meals that require shredded cheese I will purchase the 32 oz bag instead of the 8 oz bag.

After adding the items to my cart I leave them there until I go back to the store.

When it’s time to go grocery shopping I pull up my app. As I go down the aisles and get my groceries I “remove” the items from my cart. What does this do?

1) It helps me stay on track and not buy unnecessary items
2) It helps me not forget items I need for the week/my meals

It also helps that as we finish/run out of items my husband and kids tell me we need something and I go in and add it to my cart. This helps me ensure I don’t forget the next time I’m in the store.

Recently I have been seeing heartbreaking Facebook posts from other moms who are stressing over the cost of groceries. They aren’t sure how they are going to be continue to feed their children at the current prices.

Having a family of seven has always meant we needed to get creative in hard times in regard to grocery shopping. Pre-pandemic feeding this many people wasn’t always easy and that is no different now.

I wanted to write this post to help other families out and let them see that it is possible to feed a family and not feel like you are paying a second mortgage in groceries.

Below are 7 of our cheap and easy go-to meals for $58.58! I don’t care who you are or the size of your family…if you can get 7 meals for under $100 you’re doing great let alone under $60!

Now keep in mind we would have to add more soups and a bigger pack of pork chops for our family but this is a great starting point for smaller families.


Meal 1: Soup Beans ($3.90)
*Soup Beans (You can pick your cheap bean option)
*Mixed Greens

7 Meals For Under $60!

Meal 2: Chicken Alfredo ($4.23)
*Canned chicken
*Alfredo sauce
*Pasta noodles

7 Meals For Under $60!

Meal 3: Sausage and potatoes ($7.16) One of our family’s top favorite meals!!
*Smoked/Polish sausage

7 Meals For Under $60!

Meal 4: Spaghetti and meatballs ($8.96)
*Spaghetti sauce
*Frozen meatballs
*Spaghetti/Penne noodles

7 Meals For Under $60!

Meal 5: Pork Chops ($14.81)
*Pork chops (pack size for your family)
*Instant mashed potatoes
*Ranch and bacon pasta

7 Meals For Under $60!

Meal 6: Breakfast for supper ($6.64)
*Turkey bacon (cheaper than regular bacon)

7 Meals For Under $60!

Meal 7: Soup & Salad Night ($12.88) Another family favorite!
*Salad dressing of choice
*Shredded cheese
*Bacon bits
*Canned soup of choice (in our family we get everyone a can of their favorite soup)

7 Meals For Under $60!

Total for all 7 meals:

Now these meals aren’t glorious meals but they are filling, yummy and our kids enjoy them. They also don’t break the bank!

If anyone has any questions let me know. I’d love to help out other families ❤️

What are some of your favorite, cheap and easy go-to meals for your family?

Presto Photo’s Father’s Day Mug For The Win

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not in any way influenced by the company/or its affiliates.

I LOVE giving gifts! It’s almost my love language :). I get all excited and giddy just thinking about giving someone a gift I bought, made or got for them. However, I am TERRIBLE about keeping it a secret for too long :/. That’s why I could never be the type of parent that shops year round for great sales on birthday and Christmas presents. I would break over and give it my kid(s) shortly after getting them.

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11 Aspirations for Year Two of Blogging

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A year has come and gone and I don’t feel like I am much farther from where I began. I know, I know, I know I am miles away from where I was with my first post. But I want MORE! I want more readers, more Facebook followers, more Twitter followers, more followers on Instagram, more shares, more, more, more.

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Mama Bear Impressions Brand Rep

I LOVE jewelry! That’s no secret. If it is anything pearl related then I’m like shut up and take my money haha. I also love marketing and anything that is public relations related. My love for jewelry and marketing is a great combination and is necessary to be a brand rep for a particular shop or company. Luckily for me Chelsea from Mama Bear Impressions chose me to be a brand rep for her shop. I am very excited about this venture (like squealed out loud excited 😉 )

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First My Mother, Forever My Friend

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” Washington Irving
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7 Signs That I Am Getting Older

Getting older….two words most women dread. I know women who have absolutely had a breakdown because they were turning another year older. Why? Getting all tore up and sad won’t make you any younger (psst-those worry lines make you look older). Just think you only have to do three things in life….live, die, and pay taxes. However, they all come with getting older!

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