A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center

Okay so maybe we didn’t stay the night at the Cincinnati Museum Center but wouldn’t that be awesome? I can see it now….the kids would be walking around with Ben Stiller as the museum exhibits came to life. Wouldn’t that be something?

Day 1 of the 2015 Thompson Family Vacation was spent at the Cincinnati Museum Center. This was the first time my husband and kids had been there. I had went twice as a child and absolutely loved it! The day started out in normal Thompson style….running behind schedule. However, we made it to the museum in enough time to have a blast! We thought we wouldn’t have time to do anything but we actually had enough time to see all the things the kids wanted to see. A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center The funniest part of the whole day was when the baby told my husband that he needed to catch whoever was “freezing” all of the people and stop them. She keeps telling everyone about the people who “passed away” at the museum. She couldn’t grasp the concept that they were statues haha. A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center The kids were amazed at everything and it made us happy to see them so excited. Okay…my husband and I may have been just as excited ourselves (we had just as much fun as the kids). Our kids love to learn…this is something that I am thankful for. They get excited about learning new things….so this trip was great for them. We definitely got a ton of good family photo ops. I am big on taking pictures. I want my kids to have plenty of pictures for when they get older. Plus I have very photogenic kids…..they can’t take a bad picture! A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center   This was our first family vacation. Even though we got to the museum hours later than we intended….we had a great time. Spending time with one another is the most important thing. It was good to have all four of the kids with us and be able to do something fun with them. I only had a slight heart attack once or twice. My anxiety was in full swing with four kids around tons of people…..I had to have them near me at all times. I didn’t want to give anyone the chance to snag them….but they would have probably brought them back haha. A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center We definitely plan on bringing the kids back sometime in the near future. They have already asked :). FYI: I packed a lunch to keep from buying food in the museum. I suggest other moms to do the same….food there can be expensive. You can bring outside food but not coolers. Pack the lunch and keep it in a cooler in your car. When you are ready for a lunch break go out and get the food. This will save on unnecessary spending…not to mention you can pack things you know your kids will like.

A Night At The Cincinnati Museum Center

The T-Rex was after us!

Overall we give the Cincinnati Museum Center an A+ for being awesome! You can visit their website here.

Tomorrow we are off to the Loveland Castle!


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